Acta Psychopathologica Journal Marks its Decade Long Journey by Announcing Hefty Discounts on Article Processing


Open get to distributers by and large acknowledge installments for article handling, web-facilitating and internet chronicling. Acta Psychopathologica journal has reported right around 50 per cent of rebate on article processing charge to recognize its 10th Anniversary.

The publication group of Acta Psychopathologica journal are overpowered by the reaction and energy of the scholastic and research supporters of distribute with the journal and participate in the year-long festivals. During this year we anticipate taking a few starts that would support and reward our planned authors. It gives us incredible joy in declaring the call for paper on the tenth Anniversary of the Journal at unique and robust markdown of up to 50 per cent on one-time article handling charge.

Forthcoming academicians and researchers are urged to use this chance to get their contents reviewed, handled and distributed at generally quicker pace and at low expenditure. Notwithstanding this the creators who distribute with us during the year-long festivals will likewise be qualified for academic awards prescribed by the article board.

Acta Psychopathologica journal aims to broadcast the latest findings from systematic explorations in the areas of Acta Psychopathologica focus on topics related to Psychopathology of Depression, Adult Psychopathology, Child Psychopathology, Hypnosis Psychology, Criminal Psychopathology, Clinical Psychopathology, Developmental Psychopathology, Bipolar Disorder Psychopathology, Pyromania, Psychogenic Tremor, Neuropsychiatry, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Akathisia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychopathological Disorder, Psychopathology of Anorexia Nervosa. The aim of this Journal is to produce high quality articles on related aspects of psychology and psychopathology which can improve outcomes for persons suffering from mental health problems and moreover mitigate the conditions related to psychology globally.

Praising the time of fruitful distribution history, the journal emphasizes its pledge to advance deliberate enquiry and investigations into the Psychopathological Dysfunctions and Psychiatric Diagnosis presented by expanding pervasiveness of Psychology over the world. The journal welcomes various sorts of science correspondences including unique research article, methodical surveys, short note interchanges, case reports, Editorials, letters to the Editors and master feelings and analyses from various districts for distribution.

A standard publication editorial manager framework is used for original copy submission, review, publication handling and following which can be securely accessed by the authors, reviewers and editors for observing and following the article processing. Manuscripts can be uploaded at Acta Psychopathologica or forwarded to the editorial office at

  • After submission, an affirmation with manuscript number is sent to the author inside 7 working days. A 21 day window time frame is assigned for peer-review process wherein numerous experts are reached. Author proof is produced inside 7 working days after the acknowledgment choice.
  • The HTML and PDF formats of the accepted articles are hosted on the website after assigning DOI number by the CrossRef. The journal publishes the articles under open access policy with creative commons attribution license [CC-BY-NC 4.0] permitting third party reuse with appropriate citation in addition to the retention of content copyright by the author.
  • Notwithstanding documenting, the published articles are likewise advanced through different scientific and online networking just as through International indexation and abstracting administrations.

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